Catching Up!

Life really has been busy! After 41 1/2 years at my day job, I retired in December. Since then there has been a lot going on, all good.


I have been involved in two amazing exhibits. One, "Dual Visions", is a joint exhibit with my partner Deb Kmetz. It contains 18 photographs we made during our trip to the Palm Springs Photo Festival in May, 2017. Originally we expected to show how two people can be together yet produce quite different work. In the end we found that the work has much more in common. The exhibit opened in January and continues until the end of April, 2018.

I was also selected to submit an image to a local exhibit, "Return to Love" at Earth Studios. My photograph, "Love Emerges from Darkness", received much interest at the opening. That exhibit will be until the end of February.

I have also been continuing my work with models. Use your cursor to scroll through these images.

And of many local events and area landscapes. Use your cursor to scroll through these images.

There are many interesting things on the horizon. More about those as they get close or occur.

... yet another exhibit! (Image and some links contain nudity and are NSFW)

For a few years I vowed to start entering more exhibit opportunities. As I mentioned in recent blog posts, I've had some success this year. As an artist with the usual impostor syndrome fears, this seems quite impossible.

At the end of July I saw a call from the Southeast Center for Photography for an exhibit titled "Intimate Portrait". The juror for this was Joyce Tenneson, the amazing portrait photographer and teacher. I decided to enter and see what would happen.

Today I received notification that she accepted a nude, natural light portrait of model Keira Grant, a regular subject of mine, titled "Keira Backlit". 

Keira Grant 7-16-17-29.jpg

The photograph was made early in the morning on the private property of Chris M. Day, a photographer from Monroe Township, NJ. 

For those living nearby, the opening will be on Friday, November 3, 6:00 - 8:00 pm at the Center.

Since I originally wrote this, the Center has posted all of the photographs on their web site.

Palm Springs Photo Festival, 2017

In early May, Deb Kmetz and I attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival in California. It offered us a chance to not only participate in many different conference events, but also the opportunity to photograph unique landscapes, very different from those near our homes in New Jersey.

Arriving on the Saturday before, we got up early the next morning, although not too difficult since our bodies were still on New Jersey Time, to photograph sunrise at the Salton Sea. It is a beautiful but odd place that led to many terrific images.

I attended a workshop with Greg Gorman, a photographer of celebrities and art nudes. His instruction and critiques were terrific. Even in the short period we were together I believe we all learned quite a bit. Deb studied with Brooke Shaden, another of the fantastic presenters who were all so giving of their time.

The week ended for us with a trip to Joshua Tree National Park, another for sunrise. This is a location where everywhere you go the view is different, and also beautiful. In the end we spent about 12 hours in and around the park. Before leaving for the flight home we also visited a local botanical garden where I made my first hummingbird photographs, a subject that is a passion for Deb, and took a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which offers another unique experience.

I have added a gallery to the main part of this site with many more photographs of all parts of the trip.

An Unusual Exhibit Opportunity

Last Autumn, the employee cafeteria where I work was rebuilt. When it opened the dining room was full of beautiful abstract art. The artist, Mariyah Sultan, is a part-time employee of the company and is also responsible to curate future exhibits in the space. The first of these is a photography group show of work by employees. After a period of working out what work and sizes would be accepted, those of us participating will be delivering photographs this week. I will have two pieces in the exhibit.

The first is an abstract composition of a doorway of an old, currently abandoned, building at Sandy Hook, NJ, made in May, 2016. We decided it actually worked better cropped and rotated and will be presented 11"X17", plus the frame which the company will provide.

The second is part of a series I am working on of body elements of models with incense smoke. This one, of Erica Jay was made in June, 2016. It had been her suggestion to use incense smoke some months earlier, so I finally had the opportunity work on this with her. This image, presented 16"X20", again plus the frame, was one of the last of that session. This is a size I can not print at home, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the image works at that scale.

I am excited for this opportunity. If they decide to have an opening, to which I can invite people, I'll post about that.

Some Old Ideas Return

Note that some images below contain nudity and are NSFW.

As 2016 seems to rush by, I have been collaborating with a number of models I've worked with before. This has me revisiting some ideas I started playing with before in addition to continuing on my portrait studies.

After experimenting with candle smoke in January, I wondered how it would work against the bodies of my subjects. Erica Jay, a model and friend, suggested trying smoke from incense since it was longer lasting and has no open flame. It also leaves the studio smelling great. As you can see in the images above it has been interesting. The lighting is the trick and is still evolving, so stay tuned for more.

I also have always been interested in silhouettes. With some better tools, and more experience, I decided to give them a try again. The above, click through to see them all, are a few examples of recent attempts.

With many more sessions booked in the next few months, I look forward for more of these and whatever else comes into my head.