Another Summer Class at the Maine Media Workshops

For the third year, I participated in a class at the Maine Media Workshops, in Rockport, Maine. This year's session was "The Portrait as Doorway to Creativity" with Sean Kernan. He came to photography from the theater and uses many interesting exercises to open creativity and interpersonal skills.

We had the opportunity to photograph fellow students, professional models, and a stranger of our choosing. The above image is of Michaela, the Sous Chef in the campus kitchen, my "stranger". She has a wonderful story and I feel thrilled to have had the opportunity to be the first this summer to photograph her. The ten of us in the class worked well together and were open and honest on comments on the work we produced. 

Since back I've been continuing my study of portraiture, something I hope to do even more.

To see all of the photographs above, click on the right or left side of the displayed image and it will scroll.